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this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how diverse all the female body types are?

Up until recently it seemed like there was just a stock body shape for shows, and now I’m seeing so many different ones and it makes me happy. It’s just really lovely.

Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors both created by pen ward. Natasha Allegri is the creator of bee and puppycat, Rebecca Sugar is the creator of Steven Universe. Both have worked on Adventure Time as well.




Sexy killer ringmaster?


I had a pretty crappy day so I doodled something for this 

What was it about, dear? 3:

Like I said it was psychological, so it wasn’t that scary in reality but my brain made it so that I was so scared I couldn’t move
This happens///

I hate my nightmares I hate them so much this one was psychological and it got me big time it took a while for me to move when I got out of it fuck


being sick isn’t fun



Fight HIV stigma by knowing the facts. HIV can only be transmitted through blood, breast milk, semen (cum) or vaginal fluids. Reblog and raise awareness!

^ that includes precum & menstrual blood <3


To continue the pin-up idea I expressed earlier with Aoi. It was challenging to get a pose that had a “pin-up” quality to it, while adding in something of her personality. I rather like how this turned out though. I hope you do too. Enjoy! :D



There are those in the fandom who are mad at Levi for the way he handled things with Historia, and quite frankly I was a little startled too when he got all in her face and yanked her up in the air like that. But in all honesty…

This was a really powerful scene. 

It reminded not only the cadets but us, the readers, that all of them might no make it to the end of the manga. And that’s a really, really sad thought. You can see the look on everyone’s faces. In their heads they’re thinking, “We’ve gotten too comfortable. We’ve gotten too sloppy.” 

Although I believe Historia is a precious flower that should be protected at all cost we have to remember that she’s a SOLDIER. A soldier that has seen far more worse things than a screaming Levi. It’s sad that she has to be thrown into this whole Queen thing but, like Mikasa said…

"This world is cruel." 

Summoning stuff: •free wifi •SnK characters •tumblr app with hats •more anime characters •a burger


replace the burger with popcorn and you would probably successfully summon me [i’m honestly not a fan of hamburgers ;w ;]